InPay Introduction

Our goal is to create versatile and user-friendly cryptocurrency. Dual blockchain provides stability and flexibility, and InPay holders will be able to use the advantages of both platforms. Features like decentralised voting system, aliases etc. were made possible by Ethereum Classic technology.

Contract features

Voting system

Many crypto projects make mistakes that lead to undesired consequences. Voting system helps to avoid that because token holders will participate directly in InPay development and make decisions about future of the project. Any address with sufficient amount of tokens will be able to use the system to submit proposals and vote.


Beginners in crypto are not used to long weird wallet addresses. Alias system lowers the bar to start using the project in general. It is also useful for crowdfunding campaigns, because campaign runners can pick short and memorable aliases for their campaign wallets.

Torrent Tracker

Authorities blocking torrent files or whole trackers on copyright grounds is hardly news nowadays. But if a tracker works on blockchain, it is impossible to block because the blockchain is public, distributed and immutable. We will release a web-based torrent client that can be connected to geth, but Mist can be used to access all the data too.

Dual Blockchain

Ethereum Classic advantages

  • Completely decentralised infrastructure
  • Smart contracts and dapps allow to develop many features of our platform
  • Security provided by a lot of mining power

General advantages

  • Blockchain is immutable
  • Large and growing community
  • Fast and cheap transactions

Waves advantages

  • One of the options to trade InPay vs fiat
  • Decentralised exchange built into the client
  • Simple official client that doesn’t require sync
  • Adding assets to the wallet is easy, just send tokens to the address

More features

InPay Explorer

Ethereum Classic wallet can partly function as an explorer, but to save your time and provide better user experience we have created our own Explorer where any information can be accessed with ease.

InPay Wallet

If you haven’t used Ethereum wallets for some time you might encounter some difficulties. We’re developing our web-based wallet to avoid these issues. It will be user-friendly and suitable for beginners, and won’t require you to store the blockchain.

Bot/Mobile wallet

When access to web wallet or full client is problematic, Bot/Client can come to the rescue. Essentially it will be a client for your wallet. You’ll be able to connect it to your account and use many of the wallet functions.

Facts about InPay

  • Total Supply: 10M
  • Dual-blockchain (Waves and Ethereum Classic)
  • Development started in September 2016


  • 06/06/16 InceptionCoin genesis block mined: fair launch, X11 mining algo
  • 06/07/16 Listed on EmpoEX exchange
  • 06/16/16 Listed on Yobit exchange, last post from original developer
  • 10/21/16 Community takeover, announcing InPay
  • 11/15/16 Swap to ETC tokens started
  • 02/19/17 Swap to ETC tokens finished
  • 04/14/17 Introduced Dual blockchain technology (Ethereum Classic + Waves)
  • 04/15/17 Listed on Cryptopia exchange
  • 05/07/17 InPay trading volume for 24h is highest on Cryptopia exchange
  • 05/09/17 New thread started, releasing new roadmap